Public Seminars


Leading in today's dynamic, global, and multi-generational world provides new challenges and requires innovative new approaches to leadership. At a time of increasing complexity, leaders across sectors and geographies recognize that the work of a leader involves far more than driving results and delivering numbers. The 20th century “command-and-control”
approach no longer works effectively in many settings. To affect change, today's leaders must be able to articulate clear purpose and organizational values, create a shared vision, and build organizations that rely upon the skills of communication, collaboration and teamwork, in addition to effective decision-making. More than anything else, leaders today must be able to enlist the engagement of those whom they lead.

Who Should Attend

Middle management and senior level executives who aspire to achieve mastery as a transformational leader and achieve greater greater organizational effectiveness.

Benefits of Attending
  • Significantly expanded capacity and skill as a leader with powerful organizational approaches such as Strategic Visioning and Strategy Elevation for dynamic transformational change
  • Understanding of essential distinctions about leadership, teams, change, communication, vision and strategy thereby leading to powerful new outcomes within the organization
  • A personal leadership vision to guide continued development and success and Deepened self-awareness
  • Influence Mastery to effectively impact different stakeholders differently, to maximize change results
  • Culture Mastery to align top team thinking and learn community and network of colleagues across sectors.