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Call us enthusiastic, and knowledge is our currency. We believe the world is better if we can share expertise together. Starting from an underground copper mine in Democratic Republic of Congo to a world class training facility in Texas, our passion has always been to bring learners and experts closer to one another.

Improving The World


We provide business seminars, and consulting services to the world. Together with international experts, customers, governments and communities, we help companies thrive by applying our insights, and over 20 years of experience. We have over 06 operating offices, over 200 employees, and agents in 15 countries who are committed to upskill the world in a responsible way, reducing process wastes, improving business environment,  benefiting local communities, and economy where we live and work. We are also a dynamic and rapidly-growing business with a commitment to service excellence, offering promising opportunities for career development.


How we work


Our R&D division produces high quality, industry specific corporate trainings, executive master-classes, technical seminars and practical workshops, in various fields of Finance, Energy, Telecom & IT, Retail, Marketing, Human Resources , Infrastructure, Mining, Real Estate, Aviation, Military,...and delivered by

  • Extensive research
  • World-class trainer selection
  • Cutting-edge course content
  • Exclusive Venues

We provide unique incentive and exceptional opportunities for professionals participating in Prime Quality Training to gain knowledge, find practical solutions and effectively network with industry peers.


Our 03 focuses in one direction


  • Exclusive Content
  • Speed and Timely Delivery
  • Quality and Customer Service Excellence