Prime Quality Training presents to introduce an international training course: "Conversion & Development of Leadership". This course will be hold in 3 days, from 30 November, 1 & 2 December 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This course is led by our world renowned trainer.

Transformational Leadership and Change Management has re-emerged among the top pressing business issues in Africa and globally because of its direct effect on an organisation’s ability to compete successfully in a sustainable way. Most Change Management projects fail, according to McKinsey and Company and most studies 66% to 70% of change programs fail. 

This MasterClass on Transformational Leadership and Change Management provides insights on how to become a Transformational Leader of Change.


  • Examine why transformational leadership and change management are essential to managers today.
  • Review models of change management and understand the role of transformational leader in different types of changes
  • Clearly know and define terms such as a manager, leader, transformational leadership and change management.
  • Identify the characteristics and grasp the skills associated with transformational leadership and lead the change.
  • Understand how ethics and values relate to transformational leadership and change management
  • Master how to attract, develop and retain transformational leader.
  • Learn how to transform managers into transformational leaders and inspire organizational innovation

Benefits of Attending
  • Increase your impact and influence through Systemic Awareness and Flexibility
  • Uncover hidden performance barriers that may be sabotaging your success as a leader
  • Elicit greater engagement & higher performance from your team & avoid common “trust breakers”
  • Manage resistance to change in others and in your organisational context
  • Influence people and styles very different from your own profile
  • Maintain focus, calm and effectiveness in times of pressure, uncertainty and overwhelm
  • Stay energized and inspired to create a cohesive, results driven team
  • Be flexible and resilient to achieve consistent high level results – Inner Leadership
  • Add higher value and sustainable gains to your department, project or organisation by applying Strategic and Systemic thinking and practices