Prime Quality Training presents to introduce an international training course: “Advanced Electrical Power System”. This workshop includes 2 seperate course:

Course A: Optimizing Modern Power systems- Designing, Protecting, Coordinating, Controlling, and Maintenance of Modern Power systems will be hold in 3 days: 25-27 July 2016 

Course B: The SCADA Master Class- Implementation and Improvement of Modern SCADA systems will be hold in 2 days, 28 & 29 July 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. This course is led by our world renowned trainer



Course Organization

  • This highly interactive training course is offered over a period of three and two intensive days with program delivery designed to share both latest know-how and practical experience through experiential sessions providing participants a deeper and more long-term understanding of electrical power systems design, protection and control.
  • Participants are expected to actively participate in group discussions and practical hands-on exercises
  • Participants are provided with up-to-date advanced techniques to develop and implement effective real life actions plans
  • Participants with trainer’s guidance will review real case studies and engage in numerous group discussion and exerciseactivities
  • Participants will join in the best practice exercises in SCADA and modern power systems maintenance

Who Should Attend

This course is researched and developed for electrical professionals from both industrial and utilities side. Sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering & Construction, Data Centres in Banks, Telecommunications & IT companies, Government/Municipalities & any other sectors requiring effective Power and SCADA System can benefit from this program. This MasterClass series is specially designed for industries and utilities
sector depending on proper system protection for operational efficiency and minimizing damage to equipment.


Benefits of Attending

Upon the successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of power system faults, causes & effects of power system faults, detection of faults and requirements of protective relaying system
  • Minimize adverse impacts of power trips through effective protection grading & coordination
  • Understand the proper coordination of electrical protection systems, bus protection, motor protection, starting and control
  • Troubleshoot power system protection problems commonly faced by industry and adopt cutting edge solutions which have proven successful
  • Discuss the challenges on power system design and protection posed by renewable energy sources, independent power producers, micro-grids & smart grids
  • Design and develop the core system to collect, measure and analyze desired information
  • Know the benefits and limitations of different SCADA systems and components (PLC, RTU, DDS, Protocols etc.) for sound decision-making in technical infrastructure selection
  • Find potential challenges and pitfalls that calls for careful consideration at each step of the SCADA system lifecycle
  • Align and integrate SCADA system with existing operating systems for superior information management and performance analysis
  • Guarantee system reliability and improvement through regular upgrades to optimize and maximize the value of your SCADA system